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What can I do if my database provider is not available in the options in bqckup?

Currently, bqckup only supports MySQL and PostGRE as database providers. If the database provider you are using is not available in the options, you can submit a feature request to the bqckup, or even contribute to adding the feature yourself.

How can I connect my Google Drive, Dropbox, etc to bqckup?

Bqckup was created based on the issues we experienced, and we use S3 as a storage for the data. You can read an article that I have written here, which explains why we chose to use S3 over Google Drive. However, if you do require this feature, please do not hesitate to submit a feature request and we will review whether it is necessary to add or not. or, you can contribute by adding this feature to Bqckup 😀

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