First Setup

After successfully installing the bqckup software, the first setup requires you to enable the webview feature by running the following command:
bqckup gui-active
If you receive a message similar to the image below, it means that you have successfully activated the webview. The next step is to access the webview by visiting http://public_ip:port (default 9393).
You will then be presented with this form:
First Form ( Setup Key / Password)
The first form is where you set the key/password that will be used to log in and access the bqckup dashboard
Second Form ( Storage configuration )
The second form is for the initial setup of storage. If you do not have any storage yet, you can skip this step by clicking the Button Skip. If you already have storage, you can complete the details of the storage you want and it will be used as the config for storages.yml. If you already have a storages.yml config, you can upload it directly without filling in the form by clicking already have config